Luxorious duplex suites
in the middle of old Visby

There are eight suites at Visby Börs. Each suite has two floors, with the upper floor containing the bedroom and the lower floor the living room, kitchenette and bathroom. The area of a suite is 463 square feet (43 square meters), and houses three. The upper floor has either two beds or a single king size bed, with another bed on the lower floor.

The suites are located around a hallway with an entrance directly from the street. St John's Hall is located downstairs from the suites.

The suites have a view of the street, fast wifi and a large screen LED TV.

  • Upper floor with bedroom
  • Lower floor with bathroom, living room and kitchenette
  • Two single or a european king size bed plus one bed on the lower floor
  • A large LED TV
  • Free wifi
  • Single bed on the ground floor, with the option of an additional bed
  • 463 square feet
  • A superb location in the middle of Old Visby

The King of Karlsö Island

This room is named after Willy Wöhler, the "King of Karlsö Island", a 19th century nobleman and naturalist. He founded the Karlsö Island nature preserve. The theme of this room is the flora and fauna of Gotland, reflected in everything from the green satin walls to the stuffed bird of prey perched in the rafters. On the upper floor, there are two 41 inch wide beds. On the lower floor, there is a large-screen TV and a four-poster bed. The four-poster is a lovely provincial Empire style bed of about 32x75 inches. The furniture in this room is all genuine mid- to late 19th century. The dominant material is oak. An extra bed can be provided. The windows face Novgorodgränd.

Ellen and Johnny

Ellen Hallwyll (1867-1952) was the first woman in Sweden to earn a living as a professional artist. She married a poor history student, which caused a scandal in her wealthy Stockholm family. However, their lives together would prove to be both long and happy. In this room there are books that tell the story of their lives. The walls are clad in red satin and the dominant materials are walnut and mahogany. On the upper floor, their is a king-sized bed and a TV, and on the lower level there's a four-poster bed (an additional bed can be provided). The room has the air of an upper-class late 19th century home, somewhat reminiscent of the movie "Moulin Rouge".

Skogholm the Lumber Baron

This suite is name after August Skogholm, lumber baron, sometime cobbler, and the founder of the original Visby Börs in 1890. The walls are clad in green satin, reminiscent of the forests where "The Patron" made his fortune. On the lower floor there is a king size bed, and on the upper floor, two 42-inch wide (approximately twin size) beds.

The Studentess

This room is named after Betty Petterson, the Visby girl who, in 1870, becam the first Swedish woman with a high school diploma. The room is decorated in an English style, with tan satin walls. On the upper floor there is a desk, a couch and two 42-inch wide beds. A stuffed owl, the symbol of wisdom, watches over the room from a perch in the window. On the lower floor, there is a bed with leather gables. Here you'll also find a large screen TV and a bookcase.

Nyberg the Inventor

Henrik Nyberg was a Swedish inventor and automobile pioneer, whose cars are now collectors' pieces. The theme of this room is cars, and it has a decidedly masculine air with a touch of the baroque. On the upper floor, there is a king size bed in the English style. On the lower floor, there is a twin bed and a comfortable leather armchair.

The Society of Swimming Friends

The Society of Swimming Friends has existed since 1814 in is a force to be reckoned with in Visby life. This room has gold walls, and furniture in a light rococo style. Unlike most of the other rooms, it's decorated in light colors. On the upper floor, there is a king size bed. On the lower floor, a four-poster bed suitable for one person.

The Queen of Hotels

This room is named after Wilhelmina Skogh (1850-1926), a pioneering female entrepreneur and owner of a number of hotels. The room has a dark and mysterious air. There are four 42-inch wide beds in this apartment. The two on the lower floor are four-poster beds.

Princess Eugénie

This room is the favorite of many. The walls are gold-colored and the upholstery red. On the walls are paintings and photographs of royals. The lower floor has a four-poster bed, and the upper floor two 105 cm wide beds. Named after Eugénie, the Artist Princess (1830-1889), who spent her summers on Gotland painting and sculpting.

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