The story of Visby Börs

Visby Börs was originally built in 1867, becoming Visby´s very first hotel for tourists. During the following half century Gotland became an increasingly popular destination due to it´s many beaches, it´s climate and the healthy air, and many a dignitary of the capital´s high society enjoyed the lodging, sweet beverages and numerous cigars within the hotel walls. Sadly, a furious fire ravaged the hotel in 1936 and only the outer walls were left intact.

From the 1950´s until the millenium, the building housed a cinema, Röda Kvarn (Eng. the Red Mill, Fr. Moulin Rouge...), and with a wandering gaze local visitors have told about how they used to buy popcorn, a box of tablets and occasionally a lemonade for the Sunday matinee viewing.

In 2010 a full restoration of the building´s inner parts started, ever so often with the owner herself with a hack or a trowel in her hand. As the work is done and the hotel today is fully operating, she has personally selected all the interior, tapestry, furniture, light fixtures, paintings, decorations and materials.

The first guest were welcomed already in 2011, while restoration work was still quite busy. Since the end of 2013 the dream is now largely realized as Visby Börs Hotell och Hus. And the story continues, with a true ambition to offer all visitors and guests a serene and inspiring and relaxing time travel experience, in the most beautiful of surroundings.

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