Weddings and parties

Are you and your loved one planning a wedding? Please allow us to help you make the most important day in your lives as perfect as possible. Only at Visby Börs will you be able to rent an entire townhouse in the middle of one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe with a large hall for the reception, as well as top quality food and lodging. The Hotel has space for about 30 people, but we'll be happy to arrange rooms in nearby hotels if you have a larger party.

Visby is a perfect place for weddings, with a number of romantic locations for a marriage ceremony nearby. At Visby Börs, you'll have enough space for your family and close friends to stay, a large hall for ceremonies, receptions and banquets, and excellent communications close to the airport and harbor to allow everyone to arrive quickly.

Other parties and events

The Hotel is also a great place for other types of events, like kick-offs, reunions, masquerade balls, customer events and exhibitions. We'll be happy to suggest meals and activities, or arrange any you'd like.

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A romantic Gotland wedding

Close to romantic locations like the Cathedral, medieval ruins, by the medieval City Wall, on a beach among raukar, or in one of Gotland's innumerous small romantic churches.

Space for both the bride and groom and family/friends in the same house.

A large Hall for receptions, ceremonies and banquets.

All kinds of food, catering and entertainment arranged for your pleasure.

Visby Börs

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